Pearl Jindal, PRESIDENT


Meet Pearl Jindal, the president of the Graduate Business Association. Originally from Delhi; India Pearl has made her way to American University and is currently in the second year of her MBA in the Kogon School of Business with a focus on Business Analytics and Strategy Consulting. Before joining the MBA program, Pearl had very diverse work experience such as being an Operations Manager, French Professor, and Interpreter for the French Presidential delegations. Although most of her experience is in operations, resource management, and education consulting. She has worked for organizations like IBM, American Express, the Embassy of France, Concentrix, Delhi, and Bangalore University. 

Pearl shares her love for networking and building meaningful relationships as well as cooking and exploring new places. She has served as the President of the Indian Association of Teachers of French and Chairperson for a Women’s Entrepreneurs group in the past, so connecting the Kogod community, organizing, planning, and executing events comes naturally to her as the Graduate Business Association President at Kogod.