No graduate experience at American University is complete without spending time with or joining one of our many graduate clubs. The GLC is dedicated to supporting our campus-wide and school-specific clubs and we encourage you to check some of them out.

For the curious, you can find descriptions of, and contact information for, all graduate student clubs. For the go-getters, we have information about how to start a graduate student club and receive certification from the GLC. Finally, for those already running a club, you can find information about how to request funds from the GLC.

If you have any questions about graduate student clubs, please email the GLC Director of Clubs and Campus Relations at

Master List of Graduate Clubs and Organizations by School


Graduate Leadership Council

F1rst Gen Forward

Description: We will recognize and serve first generation college students who are pursuing graduate degrees from American University. This will include current students as well as incoming students or AU graduate students that have taken a break in their degree program. Our mission is to empower and connect first generation college students throughout their graduate experience. First generation students are a unique and diverse demographic who face particular difficulties in academic institutions. This group will serve as a network of support as well as an educational resource to aid members in navigating the academy with success. We are also concerned with aiding first generation college students in their transition to the workforce. We promote mentorship opportunities with first generation individuals at all academic levels, and have active roles has mentors and mentees.


President: Beverly Auman

Graduate Black Student Union

Description: The Graduate Black Student Union serves to facilitate interactions between graduate students across all programs to connect, foster, and improve relations between current and future attendees of American University. Through this initiative, the Graduate Black Student Union seeks to create a diverse group of constituents that will increase overall awareness of the organization both campus-wide and abroad. Furthermore, the organization will engage in multi-institutional efforts with local universities to strengthen and expand its network.


President:Amber McGill

College of Arts and Sciences

All-Sciences Graduate Students (AS-GRADS)Department of Biology

Description: The purpose of AS-GRADS is to provide a forum for current graduate students in scientific disciplines to present and discuss scientific literature and obtain information regarding professional development.


President: Madeline Cloud

Audio Technology People of Color

Description: This is a grass-root organization designed to advance the academic and professional goals of people of color.  This organization seeks to offer students and alumni in this field an opportunity to network, participate in workshops, and collaborate with noted artists of the industry.


President:Arthur Willoughby

Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium (EALS)- Department of Performing Arts

Description: The Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium is held each spring at American University, giving students and young professionals who work in the arts an opportunity to engage in dynamic discussion with peers and experienced leaders in the field about the issues, unique or universal, that affect arts organizations. The symposium is planned, organized, and executed in its entirety by graduate students in the American University Arts Management Program.


President: Elise Pertusati

International Training and Education Program Student BoardSchool of Education

Description: The ITEP Student Board represents ITEP by creating various events and proposals that support students. We liaise with faculty, staff, other programs and universities, and alumni on behalf of student interests. 


President: La’Nita Johnson

Society for Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs (SEPGA)- Department of Philosophy & SIS

Description:Our shared purpose as members of the Society for Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs (SEPGA) is to explore ethical responses to contemporary global problems as a learning community.

President: Ilka Walker-Vera

School of International Service

AU Negotiation Project

Description: This is one of the clubs run by the International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program at SIS.


President: Kendaal Strailey

Comparative and Regional Studies

Description: This is the official club representing students in the Comparative and Regional Studies Program at SIS.

President: Gabriella Fernandes

Global Politics Student Association

Description: This is the official club representing students in the Global Governance, Politics, and Security Program at SIS.


President: Jordan LaCrosse

International Communication

Description: This is the official club representing students in the International Communication Program at SIS.


President: Lida Azim

International Development Program Student Association

Description: This is the official club representing students in the International Development Program at SIS.


President: Oleksandra Gubina

Social Enterprise

Description: This is the official club representing students in the Social Enterprise Program at SIS.


President: Charlotte Ingalls

Society for Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs

Description: This is the official club representing students in the Ethics, Peace, and Human Rights Program in both SIS and CAS.


President: Ilka Walker-Vera

Society for Global Environmental Policy

Description: This is the official club representing students in the Global Environmental Politics Program at SIS.


President: Mariah Davidson

Society for Peace and Conflict Resolution

DescriptionThis is one of the clubs run by the International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program at SIS. 


President: Charlotte Ingalls

United States Foreign Policy Association

Description: This is the official club representing students in the United States Foreign Policy Program at SIS.


President: Elisavet Zachou

Kogod School of Business

Black MBA

Description: The club creates partnerships that enhance intellectual and economic development in the Black community. It fosters economic and educational initiatives to support the African American community.


President: Jerel Evans

Data Analytics Club

Description: This organization, for both undergraduate and graduate students, that provides resources and support to students who are interested in Data Analytics. The AU Analytics Club offers students a platform to understand the role of analytics in businesses and the challenges faced in the workplace. The club will offer opportunities to help students develop technical skills for data analytics and building networks as well.


President: Milly Nguyen

Digital Strategy & Innovation

Description: The Digital Strategy and Innovation Club is open to both graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in digital marketing, innovation and analytics. It offers students career development and skill building opportunities with the network of professionals in tech and innovative companies in the DMV area, alongside a series of charitable and community activities throughout the year.


Presidents: Dan Gorman; Gisel Zurita

Graduate Business Association 

Description: GBA provides students a unified voice, encourages participation, promotes academic excellence and professional skill development, and enhances the quality of academic and social life.


President: Nav Sandhu

Graduate Consulting Club 

Description: GCG provides resources and support for AU graduate students interested in consulting, through professional development and relationship-building programs that directly engage students with consulting professionals.


President: Jenil Ranavat

Kogod Pride

Description: Kogod Pride hopes to build community through social programming among LGBT students in Kogod, provide professional development and networking opportunities, and raise awareness about the issues facing the LGBT community in the workplace. Open to undergraduate and graduate students.


President: Emma Plikerd

Kogod Private Equity & Venture Capital Club (KPEVCC) Inactive

Description: KPEVCC is comprised of graduate and undergraduate students with diverse backgrounds. The expressed purpose is to educate members about the private equity and venture capital industries.



Kogod Women in Business (KWIB)

Description: This chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs seeks to promote the education and advancement of women in business by providing support through networking and mentoring opportunities.


President: Kirsten Klokis

School of Communication

National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ)

Description: This club is open to undergraduate and graduate students, not just students in SOC. We are an official NAHJ student chapter at AU. We hold monthly meetings and are hoping to host one or two major events per semester. The event this semester focused on Latinos and the election.  In January, we are hoping to have a Post-election event.


President: Ana Chacin

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) 

Description: We bring famous and highly awarded professionals to our events and bi-weekly meetings throughout the semester. AU PRSSA also fundraises in order to attend a National PRSSA Conference which takes place in a different city every year. There are also special opportunities just for PRSSA members, including access to a network of aspiring and established professionals, internship opportunities and skill-building sessions. You can join as a member and work your way to a leadership position by helping with events, publicity or joining our student-run PR firm, Eagle Communications.  This club is open to undergraduate and graduate students, not just students in SOC.


President: Kevin Acea

School of Public Affairs

Public Purpose Journal

Description: The Public Purpose is an organization comprised of graduate students in American University’s School of Public Affairs (SPA) that aims to provide insightful perspectives on public policy issues and topics.  We strive to produce relevant, thoughtful, and accessible insight on public policy issues through two published mediums: The Public Purpose Journal, a peer-reviewed academic journal and The Public Purpose website, which features articles written by SPA graduate students on timely public policy subjects.  We aim to make public policy analysis and research accessible to anyone that might be interested. We want to boil down complex policy issues to their fundamental levels, to demonstrate to our readers why they should be interested in the first place. As students in public administration, public policy, law, government, and justice and criminology, we analyze complex policy issues and translate them for our readers in both print and online form.

President: Sandra Mansour

Climate and Conservation Policy Club 

Description: The purpose of the Climate and Conservation Policy Club is to promote knowledge on climate and conservation policy. The club facilitates meaningful bipartisan dialogue among the American University community and beyond. Members utilize research and policy to advise policymakers and educate stakeholders. The club creates an inclusive space for future environmental policy leaders to develop equitable, science-based solutions that will protect the environment and the well-being of our communities.


President: Emily Carbray; Andrew Pratt