Before registering with the Graduate Leadership Council (GLC), please be certain you’ve done the following:

If you’ve done the above, then you can use the link below to access the registration form. If you haven’t follow the process below.

GLC Club Registration Application

Student Activities Office Club Criteria

To apply to become a club/organization that is formally recognized by the Graduate Leadership Council, the proposed club must first be formally recognized by the Student Activities Office which may include “steps such as creating the organization governing documents (constitution and bylaws); the documentation of interest for the proposed organization from eight AU students in good academic standing; finding a faculty/staff volunteer adviser; and participation in training (in-person or online) for new executive board members.” – Student Activities Handbook

Process to Obtain Recognition by the Student Activities Office (SAO)

ORIENTATION: Prior to submitting a registration request, please review the Student Organization Policies and Guidelines from the SAO.

Register your information for the interest group via the New Club Registration Form (this link is maintained by SAO)

Clubs must submit the following:

  • Name of Organization
  • Primary Club Contact Representative
  • Annual Operating Budget
  • Purpose of Organization (250 words)
  • A Constitution or Bylaws Draft
  • Identify a Faculty or Staff club Adviser
  • A Complete Roster of Officers and Members
    • NOTE: There must be a minimum of 8 members which includes the proposed executive leadership as required by the SAO

Please allow one week for the SAO to respond to your submission for a presentation date.

Formal Recognition by the Graduate Leadership Council (GLC) Further Requires:

Membership Criteria

To be formally recognized by the GLC, the club must have a minimum of six members. Of these six, at least two should be Executive Officers (a President and a Treasurer) with the remaining four being other Executive Officers or General Members.

  • President
    • To lead the club
  • Treasurer/ Finance Director
    • To accurately track all expenditures (both incoming and outgoing), maintain an accurate and detailed account of the club’s finances, etc.

Within the first semester of achieving formal recognition by the GLC, the club must obtain at least two additional Executive Officers for a minimum total of four executive officers in addition to the four required General Members for the organization. Clubs must then ensure their constitution is updated to accurately reflect new executive positions.

*Additional Executive Officer positions may include:

  • Vice President
    • To assist the President, aid fundraising initiatives, conduct public relations, etc.
  • Secretary / Logistics Manager / Administrator / Vice President of Management
    • To record and take accurate meeting minutes, promptly respond to correspondence, ensure executive leadership and members receive needed materials, etc.
  • Events Coordinator / Programming Chair
    • To handle the creation and planning of events for the organization, to handle promotion for events, etc.

NOTE: All Executive Officers of the club must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or greater.

Recognition Criteria

  • The club must provide a service or serve a purpose that extends beyond individual graduate schools.  
    • Thus, the membership for these clubs must be open to the graduate student community beyond affiliations with specific schools.  
    • If the proposed club specifically relates to an existing academic department and/or is bound to a specific school(s), the club will not be recognized by the GLC. The club must instead contact their respective Graduate Student Council (GSC) regarding recognition at their school/academic department level.
  • The club must not currently exist at the graduate level. Please refer to the list of current graduate clubs to determine if the proposed club does exist or if it relates closely to an existing club.
    • Note: Existing clubs that are currently recognized by the GSCs are not eligible to apply for recognition by the GLC.  
  • In order to be eligible for GLC funding, the proposed club must put on programming that benefits their respective community and pertains to the mission and purpose of the club once the club is formally recognized by the GLC.
  • NOTE: Proposals by clubs from multiple schools will be examined on a case-by-case basis. The GLC Director of Clubs and Campus Relations and the relevant GSC Presidents will need to be contacted to discuss the proposal further.

The GLC’s Criteria for Decision Making

  • Does the club serve the broader graduate community?  
  • Does a club similar to the proposed club already exist?
    • The proposed club must not already exist at the graduate level.
  • A complete application which will request:
    • Club Name
    • Club Description – it’s purpose & how it will serve students
    • Faculty or Staff Adviser(s) – provide guidance & assistance
GLC Club Inclusion Initiative

When considering new proposals, the GLC encourages clubs to include the participation of graduate students who are not physically on campus such as online students. This may take the form of live-streaming general meetings, posting general meeting notes, and/or having tasks such as focusing on social media engagement or advertisement creation which may allow for graduate student participation even if participating graduate students are not physically present.