Each of the five Graduate Student Councils (GSC) and registered graduate student organizations may request funding from the Graduate Leadership Council (GLC). You can find “4 Steps to Submitting Your Budget Request” below the section on “Funding Eligibility Requirements.”

Graduate student organizations fulfilling all of the requirements below may request funding from the GLC. However, organizations in specific academic departments or schools may request funding from their respective GSC.

Funding Eligibility Requirements

4 Steps to Submitting Your Funding Request

Step 1:

Please fill out the GLC Funding Allocation Request Form and complete the online application.

Step 2:

The GLC Vice President of Finance will contact you within 5 business days to confirm the completeness of your application and/or seek additional information. Following this, the GLC President and Vice President of Finance will approve your request for submission at the next GLC monthly meeting (the date of which you will be notified of).

Step 3:

A designee from your organization or respective GSC must be present at the meeting of the vote and be able to answer questions. The GLC President and Vice President of Finance will present the request to the assembled GLC – the designee will submit details as needed.

Step 4:

Following the presentation, GLC members will vote in favor of or against the allocation request. A formal notice of the vote and further instructions will be sent to the contact person on the original submission within two business days of the vote. If the vote is in favor of the request, the GLC President or Vice President of Finance will transfer the funds to the requesting organization’s account with the Student Activities Office.