• The Legacy the 2022-23 Graduate Leadership Council Leaves Behind

    The Legacy the 2022-23 Graduate Leadership Council Leaves Behind

    The 2022-23 Graduate Leadership Council (GLC) Executive Board has had a successful year of restoration, program development, legacy building, and inclusion initiatives. The GLC had… Continue reading → The Legacy the 2022-23 Graduate Leadership Council Leaves Behind Read more

  • SOE Interim President

    Bailey Haines, INTERIM PRESIDENTGRADUATE STUDENT COUNCIL – School of EducationEmail: soe.gsc.au@gmail.com Bailey Haines (she/her) is an enthusiastic student in the Education Policy and Leadership Med… Continue reading → SOE Interim President Read more

  • About the Graduate Leadership Council

    About the Graduate Leadership Council

    The Graduate Leadership Council (GLC) is the representative body for the more than 3,800 graduate students at American University (AU). The GLC brings together the leaders… Continue reading → About the Graduate Leadership Council Read more

  • GLC Online Student Liaison

    Lauryn Hankerson, Online Student LiaisonGRADUATE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL – American UniversityEmail:  lh1648a@student.american.edu Online Program – Master of Healthcare Management Lauryn Hankerson is a second year Master of Healthcare Management… Continue reading → GLC Online Student Liaison Read more

  • SPA Online Student Representative

    M. SHEA LAMANNA , GOV REPRESENTATIVE Program: Master of Public Policy Melissa Troy is a second year Master’s student of Public Policy and Administration. She holds a… Continue reading → SPA Online Student Representative Read more

  • Student Budget Roundtable

    Student Budget Roundtable

    Use the Links Below to Download the Reports Event Description The University Budget Committee (UBC) completed its deliberations and by way of its co-chairs, Dean… Continue reading → Student Budget Roundtable Read more