Travel Grants

NOTE: Applications for travel grants are currently closed. Follow the GLC on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the travel grant program. Applications will be open again early in the spring semester of 2018.

Application Guidelines and Instructions

The Graduate Leadership Council (GLC) is pleased to announce a competition for travel grants funded by the GLC. Graduate students of all schools at American University (AU) may apply for this grant if they will be participating in a conference as an AU student. Grant recipients will be eligible to receive $500 for travel in support of the aforementioned activities.

Upon their return, grant recipients will be required to submit two things: 1) a short, 200 word summary of the trip that explains how the experience complimented their academic studies or professional development goals and any relevant highlights/challenges; 2) at least one relevant photos from their experience that may be featured on the GLC  website. These materials should be submitted within one week of the recipients return to:


You must be a graduate student at American University in good standing (3.0 minimum GPA).  All activities must be directly related to your academic studies at AU or to relevant professional development goals. The grant cannot be used to fund a semester or short-term study abroad program. The grant cannot be used to fund a practicum.

Application Materials:

  1. Student information form
  2. Statement of purpose- A detailed description of how you plan to use the proposed grant. [between 500- 1500 words; 12 pt. font, single spaced]. Applicants will tailor their statement and provide specific information for the proposed opportunity.
  3. Itemized budget and an outline of your proposed travel itinerary
  4. Letter of recommendation (preferably from an AU faculty member; professional recommendations accepted if applicable to conference)
  5. CV/Résumé
  6. Unofficial AU transcript (if you have not yet completed a semester at AU, please include an official or unofficial transcript from a previous institution)
  7. Conference registration forms (applicable for conference attendance) or Paper abstract (applicable for conference presentation).

Application Process and Deadlines:

  1. Submit completed applications by email:
  2. Applications will be received on a rolling basis until April 10, 2017 by COB
  3. Send us your applications 30 days before your intended travel dates.

Student Information

Last name: ___________________

First name: _________________

Middle Initial: ____

AU ID #: _______________________________

Gender: □ Female □ Male

Date of Birth: ________________________

Daytime Phone: ___________________

Evening Phone: _______________________

E-mail address: ________________________________

Academic Information MA Program: ____________________________________________

Current cumulative GPA: ___________

Expected graduation date: _______________

Travel Information Date(s) of travel: ___________________________

Purpose of travel: □ Research □ Internship □ Conference □ Other: _______________

Are you a Foreign National? □ Yes □ No

AU Faculty Recommender

If applicable, please provide the name of your faculty supervisor. Otherwise, please provide the name and contact information of a faculty member at AU who could provide a reference for you, if necessary.

Name of supervisor/recommender: _____________________________________________________

AU Department: _______________________

AU Phone: __________________________

Student Signature I confirm that all information included in this application is true and complete.

_________________________________________________Signature of applicant  

__________________ Date

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive funding?

MA students at all AU schools are eligible to apply for funding to defray the costs of attending conferences. Grant money cannot be used to fund travel to countries categorized as very high risk by the University. Please note that the security status of any country is subject to change; in the event that a grant recipient’s research destination becomes very high risk, s/he may be required to attend a high risk workshop prior to departure. Grant money cannot be used to pay tuition or to fund a Summer Abroad, Semester Abroad Program or any other formal study abroad programs. Grant money cannot be used to pay tuition or to fund a practicum.

When and how will the grant money be distributed?

The VP of Finance will contact you directly to guide you through process.

How much money can I apply for?

Each student is only eligible to receive a maximum of $500 for this grant during the Spring 2017 semester.

When will I be notified if I’ve been chosen as a grant recipient?

Grant recipients are typically notified within two to three weeks.

Any other questions? Please email