Financial Request Forms

Step 1 – Form A) Funding Allocation Request Form (Attached here) -MUST FOR ALL

  1. This is a glc-funding-allocation-request-form. Available only in hard copy. Soon we will get this form in an online fillable format.
  2. Each event that is to be funded should submit this.
  3. It is just an application for funds, does not need signature of either the requester or approver
  4. The club body/individual requesting funds must  include all the information/invoices required to fill out Form B
  5.  To bring this form to the meeting for voting
  6.  Decision is conveyed through email

Step 2 – Form B) University Centre Financial Request Form (Attached here) – MUST FOR ALL

  1. This is an online fillable form. it contains information such as mode of payment etc which the club body/individual must fill out
  2. GLCPresident / VP Finance or GSC president to electronically sign this
  3. Email this form at Ebonie Smith, Financial Administrator, University Centre and she will process the payments

Form C: University Centre Funds Transfer Form (Attached here) – ONLY FOR DIRECT TRANSFER BETWEEN GLC – GSC or GLC  – Club

Event Report:

After the event, your Club president is responsible to fill out this events report form.

New Club Registration information and form: Interested in starting a new club on campus? To be officially recognized as a Registered Student Organization by American University, your club must go through the New Club Registration Process. This process is rolling and so your club can become recognized at any time during the Fall and Spring semesters. In order to start a new organization, you, and the entire executive board must be at least a second semester freshman (have 12 credit hours taken at American University). Click here for details on New Club Registration!

Please note the following:

Accepting of the funds:

Kindly confirm your acceptance of the allocated amount by a return email to this email address with GLC/GSC president cced on or before 24 hours of the email being sent to you. We are not responsible for non- receipt of this email by your club. By accepting the email, you agree to abide by and comply with all the terms and condition of American University/GLC/GSC.


Your organization has 24 hours to notify the GLC/GSC president at email id, if you plan to appeal the funding decision. The president will notify you of the outcome of the appeal within 2 weeks from your appeal request.


You will be expected to use these funds for this specific event. GSC president will monitor your SON account and will reclaim unused funding after 30 days.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact your respective GSC/GLC President at


The last day of Fall funding is TBD and Spring Funding is TBD.  Requests after these deadlines will not be processed.

Queries: Please direct your queries to one point contact: VP of Management for GLC/ respective point of contact for GSC.