Apply to Join the 2017-2018 GLC

Graduate Leadership Council (GLC) Executive Board Application

2017-2018 Academic Year

Carefully review the position descriptions and eligibility requirements before submitting your application. All questions can be directed to

All applications must be received by Sunday, April 16, 2017 at midnight.

In your email please include the following information:

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  •     School
  •     Program
  •     Student ID Number:
  •     Graduation Semester / Year
  •     Position Applying For

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Eligibility Requirements

All GLC applicants/candidates must be registered graduate students in their respective schools/colleges. All GLC e-board candidates must have at least a 3.0 GPA and be in good academic and disciplinary standing. All candidates must be willing and able to serve for the entirety of the 2017-2018 term, beginning as soon as April 1st, 2017 and ending May 1st, 2018.

Basic Job Descriptions:

The Graduate Leadership Council shall have the following appointed positions: President, Vice President of Management, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Programming, Vice President of Communication, and Vice President of Alumni Relations. 

Job descriptions are the minimum amount of work:


The President shall act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Graduate Leadership Council and President of the graduate student body. They will:

  1. Serve as a liaison between the four Graduate Student Councils and the Kogod Graduate Business Association and the Executive Administration of American University
  2. Work with the members of the council to pass and uphold a unanimously agreed to “Shared Vision” for the academic year
  3. Work with the Vice President of Finance and the other members of the council to develop a budget both for the GLC and the individual councils.
  4. Hold regular, published office hours in the GLC office and online.
  5. Appoint a representative or serve as the official graduate representative to the following boards and committees: a. Board of Trustees & Appropriate Subcommittees
    1. President’s University Council
    2. Faculty Senate and Faculty Senate Committee Meetings
    3. “Breakfast Club” Meetings with Gail Hanson and other Student Leaders
    4. Serve as the official graduate representative to the following University offices
      1. Office of the President
      2. Office of the Chief of Staff
      3. Office of the Provost
      4. Office of the Vice-President for Campus Life
      5. Office of the Vice-President of Development and Alumni relations
      6. Office of the Dean of Students
      7. Office of the Director of Student Activities
      8. Office of the Director of the Library
    5. Maintain a positive working relationship with the American University Student Government, the Student Bar Association, and the American University Club Council.
    6. Appoint representatives to serve as the official graduate student representative on university committees.
      1. Advisory Committee for Socially Responsible Investing
      2. Advisory Committee for Socially Responsible Business Practices
      3. Student Health Advisory Committee
      4. Sexual Assault Working Group
  6. Stipend – $4000


The Vice President of Finance shall act as the Comptroller of the Graduate Leadership Council under the direction of the President. They will:

  1. 1. Maintaining an up-to-date and forward-looking budget kept separately from the Graduate Leadership Council’s Online Financial Access System budget, detailing the current financial position of the Graduate Leadership Council and all of its anticipated expenses for the semester at each regularly scheduled meeting;
  2. Working with the President and the other members of the council to allocate initial funding to the individual councils via the budget process described in the GLC Constitution;
  3. Submitting all finance requests on behalf of the GLC in an appropriate and timely manner;
  4. Appropriating and freezing funds to the Graduate Student Councils in coordination with the Student Activities office;
  5. Communicating the Student Activities Office’s spending request deadlines to the GLC and submitting the appropriate paperwork within these set deadlines;
  6. Serving as the official graduate representative to the following boards, committees and offices:
    1. Office of Vice President of Finance
    2. Budget Committee
    3. Board of Trustees Finance Committee
    4. Student Library Endowment
  7. Submitting a year-end financial report to the outgoing Graduate Leadership Council’s officers and Graduate Student Council Presidents, the incoming Graduate Leadership Council officers and Graduate Student Council Presidents and the Student Activities office at the end of the year
  8. Stipend – $3000


The Vice President of Management shall serve as the Secretary to the Graduate Leadership Council and assistant to the President. He/she will:

  1. Schedule and preside over GLC meetings and/or conference calls to be held biweekly (twice a month), throughout the academic year and keep minutes.
  2. Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence with his/her express written consent.
  3. Update the Graduate Leadership Council calendar and maintain regular communication with the five school Presidents regarding their events to be added to the calendar.
  4. Appoint university committee representatives with the President and maintain communication with those representatives. Committee updates will be reported to the Council during the Vice President of Management report.
  5. Assume any additional duties expressly assigned by the Executive Chair including serving as the official graduate representative on certain boards and committees
  6. Maintain the Graduate Leadership Council’s constitution, including updating appropriate sections of the document when amendments and/or referenda are passed. He/she will also be responsible for working with the Vice President of Communication to ensure that the constitution is made publicly available on the Graduate Leadership Council
  7. Stipend $3000


The Vice President of Communication shall:

  1. Maintain regular communication with the graduate student body on behalf of the President via e-mail.
  2. Send bi-weekly “Newsletters from the GLC” during the first week of each semester and continuing bi-weekly until the end of the semester, and details important news, upcoming events, and opportunities for involvement.
  3. Be in charge of updating the Graduate Leadership Council website and calendar of events.
  4. Be in charge of updating the Graduate Leadership Council Facebook and other forms of social media daily. This includes status updates, events, and photos.
  5. Coordinate the Graduate Leadership Council’s strategic marketing efforts, including the design, production and distribution of all publicity, advertising, marketing and branding materials.
  6. Work with the Vice President of Finance to ensure that the Graduate Leadership Council’s website and online publicity tools are consistent with the organization’s advertising, marketing and branding efforts.
  7. Stipend – $2000


The Vice President of Alumni Relations shall:

  1. Serve as the liaison between the Graduate Leadership Council and the Alumni Affairs Office, Alumni Board, and Young Alumni Board.
  2. Attend all open Alumni events and programs as the GLC representative to ensure consistent alumni communication is occurring.
  3. Serve as a connection between the GLC’s past, present, and future.
  4. Provide graduates an opportunity for alumni guidance, employment and career advice, academic assistance, and recruitment recommendation
  5. Stipend – $2000


Vice President of Programming:

  1. Responsible for overseeing and coordinating all the event planning for the GLC
  2. Including:
    1. Plan Fall fest every fall semester
    2. At least one University-wide social a semester
    3. Plan a Graduate conference every Spring
    4.  Community Service and Outreach/Tabling
  1. If GLC pursues
    1. Any other events authorized by the Executive Council
  2. A Liaison for joint programming/communication with the following AU entities in order to coordinate activities and address the concerns of graduate students:
    1. Student Bar Association
    2. AU Student Government
    3. Office of Graduate Studies
    4. AU Library
    5. Academic Support and Advising Center
    6. Career Development
    7. Office of Merit Awards
  3. Stipend – $2000