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Are you a talented graphic designer? Want to win some EagleBucks? The GLC needs help designing a new logo! Please send submissions to  by November 1st. The finalists will be chosen by the GLC. 



Please send a resume and a cover letter detailing your interest in becoming the Graduate Student representative at the Committee on Academic Budget & Benefits to by October 15th.


This committee will be very busy this year as it is a budget cycle year. I know there will be lots of email communication but from the past I would say that the committee will meet at least 4 times in the fall and Spring. The meetings are usually 1 ½ hours each. Since it is a budget cycle year additional meetings may be needed.



Please send a resume and a cover letter detailing your interest in becoming the Graduate Student representative of the Student Library Council to by October 15th.


The Student Library Council serves as a formal channel of communication between American University undergraduate and graduate students and the Library. It was created to provide students and Library administration a platform to exchange information and discuss library-related issues and policies. The Council’s mission is to engage students with the Library, providing opportunities for members to advise and give feedback on improving collections, services and spaces, and to discuss library issues affecting the student body.


  1. Membership consists of ten students (those already employed by the university library), two university student government representatives (one undergrad and one grad student), and five library full-time staff/faculty advisors (representatives from: Access Services, Strategy and Communication, Administrative Services, Technical Services and RTL).   Additional students may be asked to participate depending on the project.
  1. Council student members will have a one year term (Fall and Spring semesters) with opportunity to serve consecutive terms.
  1. Council library advisors will have a one year term (Fall and Spring semesters) which shall be staggered therefore only having one-third of the advisors vacating their position.


  1. Participate in library assessment of users’ needs and assist in understanding the results from the student users.
  2. Communicate student ideas and feedback about American University Library’s collections, services, space, and technology.
  3. Serve as liaisons between the student body and the library; represent student views to the library staff and to be advocates for the university library to the student body.
  4. Discuss ways to better promote and implement future communications and collaborations between the Library and the student body.
  5. Facilitate and strengthen communication between the university library and students.
  6. Using a small budget, identify and initiate joint proposals or initiatives between the university library and students. And help to implement a new service, collection, or idea at the university library.
  7. Help library staff better understand students’ information and research needs as it relates to textbooks, journal articles, course reserves, technology and user space.


  1. Council will receive a $1000 budget to spend on new initiatives or projects.
  1. Council will have a webpage on the Library’s website that will include the mission, goals, application to apply to be on council, initiatives, and minutes.
  1. Council will hold at least four meetings per each one year term.  Each year, one meeting will focus on one of the following areas:
    • What students work experience students expect to receive through their library employment
    • Usability of our search tools or some other usability testing
    • Discussion of library space
    • Discussion around specific ideas for improvement
  1. Council may ask for feedback on certain initiatives, projects, policies, equipment from students not serving on the council.


  1. Georgetown University:
  1. University of Texas at Austin:
  1. Florida State:
  1. New Mexico State:
  1. Auburn:


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