College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Cabinet Selection

College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Students,

The CAS Graduate Student Council is looking for motivated students who want to build and engage the graduate community within the College of Arts and Sciences. CAS is one of the most unique colleges at AU because of its diversity. Currently, there are 15 CAS grad departments and I am hoping to incorporate everyone’s voice! Want to help organize fun and exciting events for graduate students? Looking for professional development and networking opportunities?

Being a member of the CAS GSC will mean a range of rich experiences, contacts, and projects that will leave a lasting, positive impression on your skill set, resume, and overall experience at AU as a grad student.

Apply for participation on the CAS Graduate Student Council! Below are the available positions.

 Vice President

 Comptroller

 Administrator

 Programming Chair

In order to be considered for these positions please email your resumes and cover letters to by midnight August 20th. Your cover letter should answer two questions: (1) why you would like to be considered for the GSC, and (2) why you are applying for the position?

Thank you for taking the time to apply for these positions.

For details regarding the responsibilities of this position, please see the attached application packet.

College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Council

This packet contains the information regarding positions in the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Council (CAS GSC). The CAS GSC represents all enrolled CAS graduate students of American University, who are required to pay a graduate Student Activities (SA) fee.

Representing your fellow students is an exciting and rewarding experience. You will serve to identify the unified representative voice of CAS graduate students, and thus:

 Influence the decision making process of the College of Arts and Sciences,

 Promote initiatives that lead to improving the overall academic and social experience of CAS grads,

 Facilitate communication among administration, departments and students within

the College of Arts and Sciences at American University,

 Actively participate in the AU-wide Graduate Leadership Council (GLC).

Please review the following responsibilities, eligibility requirements and follow all application instructions. Applications must be completed and submitted with all required documentation by the application deadline of August 20.


Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must meet all of the following eligibility criteria to run for office:

 Candidates must be able to serve a full term from graduation day of the academic year they are elected until graduation day of the following academic year.

 All candidates must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the College of Arts and Sciences at American University

Vice President:

(a) The Vice President shall be responsible for appointing members to the CAS-GSC committees, with the consent of the Executive Board, as well as serving as coordinator ex-officio, non-voting member on all CAS-GSC committees.

(b) The Vice President shall take over all duties of the President in his/her absence.

(c) The Vice President shall possess one vote by virtue of the office on the Executive


(a) The Administrator will serve as the official correspondence agent of the CAS-GSC, prepare agendas for GSC-CAS meetings, and prepare and distribute minutes of all CAS-GSC meetings to the CAS-GSC members.

(b) It shall be the responsibility of the Administrator to establish, maintain and make available for public inspection all agendas, minutes, and roll call votes for the Public Record.

(c) The Administrator shall also serve as the Office Manager of the CAS-GSC Office.

(d) The Administrator shall possess one vote by virtue of the office on the Executive


(a) The Comptroller shall act as the chief financial officer of the Executive Board and CAS-GSC, whilst the Comptroller shall keep record of all income and expenditures of the CAS-GSC in an accordingly method with the Comptroller of American University and the Graduate Leadership Council.

(b) The Comptroller shall be responsible for preparing the Executive Board’s budget, which will be presented to the CAS-GSC for review and approval.

(c) The Comptroller will serve as the Chair of the Finance Advisory Committee to the CAS-GSC.

(d) The Comptroller shall vote at Finance Advisory Committee meetings in the case of stalemate.

(e) The Comptroller shall possess one vote by virtue of the office on the Executive Board.

Programming Chair:

(a) Responsible for overseeing and coordinating all the event planning for the CAS GSC. Interfacing between CAS clubs and assisting with club programming needs.

(b) A liaison for joint programming/communicating with AU entities that address the concerns of graduate students.

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